We need you

We need you. We need the newbies and the rookies to show us how to master our craft. First, you must learn from us and then you must teach us. Do you understand?

Understanding the ups and downs of freelance writing mirrors the waves of the ocean. Some currents are strong, overwhelming even. At other times, the ocean is calm. The ocean moves forward and it recedes. It is random and only governed by our creator. You may find this spontaneity a perfect opportunity to quit, but then you would be wrong. We need you.

As with other posts, I  touch upon the importance of pushing forward. For you who dip your toes gently into the waters of freelancing writing, you feel the pulse of the great waters. You know there is no limit here. Every day, we must at least venture out to walk at the water’s edge, and when the storm comes, we must weather it.

This does not mean that you don’t deserve a break. I have dabbled in ideas and solutions to this problem. I watched other freelance writers invent ways to keep the waves rolling while they enjoyed a mai tai or two on a quiet beach. I have also watched writers surf the waves and understand when to forge ahead and when to silently grip their pens in contemplation. There are different ways to understand the ups and the downs. These are not times to quit or to relinquish your talent. I think when this happens, it’s tragic. We need you-the storytellers, the inventors, the painters, and the songwriters

two surfers gliding on body of water
Photo by Harvey Sapir on Pexels.com


So, before you become overwhelmed or before you take those criticisms to heart, why not watch the surfers, the dreamers, the ladies on the beach with the tropical drinks. Learn…understand the waves and their patterns. Delve into your own well of ideas and share them with us. Then harness their power.

Look beyond just getting by with your craft. Look into how you can help us understand our own waves. We need you.

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