The voice of growth


‘Growth is an erratic forward movement: two steps forward, one step back. Remember that and be gentle with yourself.’

-Julia Cameron


Shhh, listen. Did you hear that?

Listen and maybe you can hear the sound of your growth. It’s sometimes more painful than childhood leg cramps, even birthing pains, and this makes it loud. It’s sometimes more nerve-wracking than your dread of that test on Monday as well.

Your growth will not be silent. It will yell insults into your ear and it will cause a stir the likes of which you’ve never heard before. Listen, can you hear your growth nagging you about your mistakes? Well, keep going despite the dark air in front of you?

Growth is necessary, and it will not be pretty because true growth is one of the hardest things you will ever have to endure. It is ugly, monstrous even, and it will kick you when you’re down.

You will be rejected, criticized and trampled upon, and honey you will want to quit, but don’t. This is what you must do. You must learn the language of growth and open your ears to what growth has to tell you.

  • Your growth wants you to know that you are better than you think. You have potential that you haven’t even tapped into yet. There is a region in your mind that has failed to grace you with its appearance.
  • Your growth says you must listen. Despite your opinions and vaulted ego, you must stop and see the truth of your inconsistencies and weaknesses. Growth doesn’t wish to taunt you, but it does wish to shove reality in your face.
  • Growth coaxes you to walk a path that it knows will be covered with obstacles and thorns. Growth wants to see you struggle, breaking the shell of your comfort. “What is this? Should we leave our comfort zones?”
  • Growth will convince you to wear many hats and disguises that will help you break into places you’ve never frequented. Sometimes you think growth is a criminal, with its weird ideas and logic. Listen….growth is whispering passwords to secret regions of success. Do you hear it?

If you train your ear to hear the words of growth, you can train your hand to put forth the effort. From the mind pours the knowledge which is executed by our tools. Growth will roughen our digits in preparation for the “big job”. It’s the one you’ve been waiting for and it’s the place you’ve crawled on hands and knees to get to. Growth will be there waiting when you arrive, and it will keep speaking to you well beyond the gates of your progress.

Listen…can you hear what your growth is telling you?

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