No more time

For us writers, nothing is as frustrating as the school bell. There is a school bell which resides within our minds. Sometimes it sounds like children crying, other times it sounds like the clock pronouncing the ever fading minutes and hours of the day and sometimes it sounds like the urging of our conscious. Whatever it may be, that school bell tells us to STOP and ask one question: “Am I using my time wisely?”

And there you have it. even when you love what you do, then you do it within the confines of time. Your writing goes on within your blogs, your social media and you assignments as the clock ticks. There are deadlines to beat and quotas to fulfill in your brain.”If only I could get one more article written.” you say. But woe is you!

There’s no more time and some day you will die. You make decisions every day that create your future. Do you want one more hour to finish a journal entry or one more hour to watch television with your children? How about one more hour to cook a healthy meal?  Hey, I wish I had years just to save more money! Decisions, decisions, and nothing gets easier except your ability to land better writing jobs-thus more time is needed.

Okay, I guess this sounds a little depressing, but not to worry. Although there is little time to get those things done, your time is never wasted when writing. Every word you write and every blog post you complete, brings you one step closer to being immortalized. If you want a legacy for your descendants, then time will afford you the avenue. Now, you need  patience and skill to arrive on the scene. During those times of frustration and urgency, practice taking your time and making decisions that are well thought out. Take a little more time now and receive more time in the future. Sounds strange doesn’t it? It’s that time when you have finally made it, that counts.

Want more time with your family too? The magic behind appreciating time with your loved ones is simple. Get them involved, as much as possible, in your writing projects and endeavors, help them write a report or essay(editing is always needed and provides a great way to practice your rookie skills), or simply take your laptop to games, park visits and doctor’s appointments. You don’t have to lose time, only transform it.

This is where I end my rant. So, there’s no more time, I hope you used the time you had wisely.

One thought on “No more time

  1. I just spent the past couple of minutes reading your rant about time. I think that was a good investment of my time on several levels: writers need feedback, especially from fellow writers, and to be honest–part of the reward of reading the work of your peers is the expectation or hope that they will do the same for you. A larger reward for reading what your friends write is that it helps you get to know that person a little bit more–even if the work is not autobiographical. And finally (yes, my comments do eventually end:) is that reading is its own reward: you learn something new whenever you read. For me, that old school bell meant having to put my book down, at least until I could get it out again at the next available minute.


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