Some quick Tidbits

Hello All!

So, I’ve published and published and published again. What I can say for myself is this: I truly understand the need for an editor, I do. With that being said, I want to share a few other things I have learned about writing in the past year.

1. Editing

This step is as important as writing. I do not, however, recommend over doing it with editing software. It can be helpful, but it can also take away the writing voice, if you are not careful. The best advice on editing is to take your time and make wise choices. Choose two friends to proofread your work as well. This helps retain that awesome writing voice. Yes, I said awesome, and that’s okay too!

2. Write-Write

I cannot stress this any further than I have. Well, maybe I can. Some say to write about what you know while others suggest that you venture out and write about all sorts of things, whether you know a smidgen of anything or not. What I say is, write what speaks to you. If you feel like an unknown topic is something you want to try, then go for it. If you feel like staying within your home court, then try from there for awhile. Just write! that is what matters the most.

3. You have to know

If you’re meant to be a writer, you will know. The urge may take a vacation for a bit, but it will always come back. A writer is a special creature. The calling has depths of which will make the strangest dreams seem like a light-hearted sitcom. To be a writer is to commmit heart and soul to the craft, for life. If you are a writer, you will find this to be true, sooner or later.

okay, so that’s what I have to share for today. I hope to come around more often and fill you in on what moves and shakes my writing world. I do get a little busy from time to time, you know…writing and all, so bear with me. I still love you all and I still love the craft (Not the movie, but the art…although the movie was …meh, mediocre). If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment. I will be back soon!

Check out my article on my mentor’s site! Check her out as well. She is something special!

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