Hello again.

I see that you are still coming round and you still have that burning sensation in your chest. I see you still have the desire to jot down words. Well, this is the thing with that. In order to turn your scribble dribble into something worthy, you have to pay attention and learn some rules.

First of all, grammar is important, sentence structure is also favorable and writing flow makes the world go round. I am serious, it really does! You must, by all means, despise the word, “very”, but I think we all know that by now. The ones who write for hobby understand some of the same irritating habits and the need to be rid of them! Yes, I know, I used “them” at the end of my sentence, which is vague-yet another scratching-head worthy issue. That brings me to the next interesting musing-breaking those rules.

It is just as important to break the rules as to keep every line straight, every button fastened and every hair in place. For goodness sake, variety is key! As with variety in ideas and rhythms, variety in what you need to fix and what you need to leave be for sake of creativity is also paramount!

So, let’s face it. You may encounter too many “have beens” and “extremely mads”, but don’t worry, you will figure out which apples to keep and which are rotten to the core.

Learn and unlearn-that’s the real idea.

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