Are Things going Badly? That’s good!

I guess it seems strange to say, It’s good to have a bad day. You might even call me crazy or a pessimistic. Yeah, I figured as much. Stop and think about what I said for a moment. First off, ask yourself- “Are things going badly for you?” Just do it, close your eyes and evaluate your situation. If you cringe, then maybe, yeah, you could be having a bad day. Good! Now let’s proceed.

It’s good to have a bad day. If you answered “yes” to that question, then it’s time to evaluate WHY your day, your week or your month is going badly.

I know that not all of us are spiritual believers, and we do not attribute bad days to struggles and oppressions that improve us, by a system of polishing. Bear with me a moment and just imagine what it would mean if every bad occurrence was due to opposition from an outside force which made us better people! After all, some of what we deal with are simply bad moods, and that is fodder for writing anyway. Thing is, a large percentage of “bad days” are due to opposition, which in turn can have an effect on you, if you allow the influence to penetrate in the wrong manner.

Now, let’s take what we have learned and apply this to our writing. How many ideas can be wrought from opposition? Many, right?! How many ideas can be formed from emotion and stress? Many more, as well, I surmise. With outside negative force, our skills are honed, our patience is tested and our minds are crafted and perfected in the art of the written word. I guess I am a little overly optimistic in the face of pessimism, but the truth is…you should change the way you see the bad days…really…the bad people as well. : p

Okay, so I need to stop with the ellipses already, huh. Long -story-short, a diamond wasn’t always a shiny brilliant multi-faceted stone. Once upon a time, the diamond was rough and encased in an unfamiliar skin-rock per say. Along came force and something beautiful was created. It’s a simple analogy, but it works, wouldn’t you say. 🙂

So when it gets tough, don’t cry, don’t grab a box of little Debbie cupcakes and watch television. That will not solve a thing. Get your laptop, open your Word program or whatever you use and let the muse of misery take control. After a little while, the clouds will lift and you may just have a bestseller on your hands. Well, it’s hopeful thinking anyway, which, by the way, is another great product of a bad day.

2 thoughts on “Are Things going Badly? That’s good!

  1. 🙂 Gotta be dark to see the light! I mean that dark where the mud is black too. You know, the mud you are rolling in while whining about everything just being terrible, yeah, that bad. That is where something interesting happens.


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