Traveling the Road

I never said the road would be easy. This road is hard, it is filled with stones and briars and sticks. This road can go in many different directions; taking detours into the undergrowth as well. If you are on this road with me, take heart.

During your darkest hours, the enemy is upon you. You seek refuge in the forest that you know, but at every turn, you are up against a strange wall. This wall was not there before. It blocks the freedom of your gifts and makes a way for the enemy to strike you when defenseless. Your morale is down, your hope is fleeing. What shall you do?

There is something peeking from between the black branches overhead. A bright white eye that sees your despair. The moon still shines through. It coaxes the tired traveler to follow its lunar face, through the moonbeams and out into the open field. There you may find rest for a bit, even in your darkest hour. And then you sleep for a while to rejuvenate.

You awake to a new world. The trees are alive in colors of spring. During your times of delight, you can see clearly the obstacles that were once before you. Pieces from a brick wall which had once surrounded the forest, is now crumpled in heaps.

On the edge of the field, you spy poppies and dandelions swaying in the breeze. Your vision is new and you question why the darkness was so frightening. The beauty of everything is evident. The hope is easy to see. The sun is bright and your motivation to travel the road is renewed.

I never said the road would be easy. Seasons change as do we. Obstacles come and they go. The enemy is always waiting to try us, testing our abilities. It is time we take up our armor, our weapons and our shield. We shall continue to walk this road until we get home again. And we will make it, together.

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