The 7th Day’s Work, For those who choose the Fast Track to Success

Sunday is down time. But for some of us, Sunday is the beginning of the work week. For the freelance writer, Sunday can be one of the most productive days of the week. Even though your clients may not be loading you down, you still have a job to do. 

If you aren’t writing articles, blog posts or copy, you can still get loads of work done. Your blogs may be in bad need of updating or your website may need a face-lift. Your day off may be the best time to get these things done. I know, I know, your day off should be about you and your family or vacation time, but let’s be honest; the way to make it happen is to MAKE it happen. Besides, if you work everyday, then you can actually shorten your daily work hours. This seems to be more effective and saves you from becoming burned out

Now there are some exceptions. Sunday may be a day held in reverence for your spirituality. If you have issues that just cannot provide a 7th workday, then this is understandable. But for the most part, being productive every day is the fastest way to jump-start and fuel your writing career, which, by the way, is not a writing career at all. Apparently, writing chooses you! Or this is what I have been told.

Sunday may have been down time in the past, but I implore you to rethink your way of writing. If you learn to condition yourself to a tighter routine, then maybe you can afford a day off after your career has taken flight. Otherwise, keep pushing on and keep taking advantage of every single minute that affords you the time to write.

It may be strenuous but it is the quickest way to success…and it is the write way!


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